Speaking and other collaborations

Moderation, Lectures, Keynotes 🎀

With over 15 years in teaching, sales and fronting a professional band, Katherine brings a unique energy to the stage, and is adept at making complex topics understandable, facilitating engaging panel discussions, and working the crowd.

Katherine has moderated events like TedX Innsbruck, AI Austria Annual AI Competition for Students, and the Women in AI Global summit 2020, and spoken at PyData Yerevan in Armenia, and diverse community events on topics of AI, technology, and ethics. She is also highly experienced in audio and television appearances, such as appearing on the Applied AI Podcast, and on β€˜I Don’t Know About That’, with Jim Jeffries.

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Teaching, Writing, and Editorial ✍️

Katherine is a prolific writer with her finger on the pulse of all things data, technology, and the ethics and future of both. She boasts a degree in English and Linguistics and was the editor and co-author of β€˜The Handbook of Data Science and AI’ (Hanser 2022). Katherine has also produced courses and workshops on applied data science and data literacy for various companies, including LinkedIn Learning.

To inquire about her availability for teaching, writing and editorial work, please contact her via LinkedIn or Twitter.